If you have a problem with your Fiat or Alfa Romeo car or Fiat Van, then you really should look at the Multiecuscan software for Windows. It is an affordable way for the home mechanic, small garage or even a large garage branching out into multi marque service and repair to access near dealer level coverage on Fiat and Alfa Romeo vehicles

Multiecuscan diagnostic software for Italian vehicles is also ideal for the  garages that specialise in servicing and repair of Fiat and Alfa Romeo vehicles

Using the free version of the software and a kkl cable with built in pin switching, you can access a lot more than basic reading and clearing engine faults. It works on older cars too  by using the 3 pin to 16 pin OBD2 adaptor, it can go back as far as the early nineties.

New era Fiat and Alfa Romeo

If you have or maintain the new Fiat or Alfa Romeo vehicles, then the registered kit is for you. With it you can read and clear codes, perform proxy alignments, reset service indicator lights, match injectors, in fact pretty much all the garage would be able to do without paying through the nose. Examples of the coverage include. Fiat 500 airbag reset, oil service light reset on all late model Fiat and Alfa Romeo vehicles including the Fiat commercials. Also as manufacturers are pooling their resources and using engines or whole vehicles rebadged ( the new Opel combo springs to mind) this kit will work equally as well on these rebadged Fiat vehicles

Scantool-Direct are an appointed distributor for the Multiecuscan software and have a full compliment of suitable tools to use with the software, from a basic kkl cable to the all in one multiplexed professional system, we can supply a kit that is suited to your needs whether it be home based occasional use or specialist professional use.

you can see our range of Multiecuscan Fiat and Alfa Romeo tools and software here:

Scantool Direct Multiecuscan Fiat and Alfa Romeo diagnostics

Any questions or if you need help deciding which kit is right for you email us on support@scantool-direct.co.uk