The ElmScan 5 Interface is a great EOBD tool for the cost conscious  DIY, it will work on all EOBD compliant vehicles (Petrol engined cars from 2001 and Diesels from 2004 made for the UK and European market)

Other countries implemented the OBD2 earlier, USA cars were compliant from 1996

What is supplied?

The ELMscan 5 Compact USB tool is supplied with a Software CD which has the drivers, manuals and OBDwiz diagnostic software,

is it easy to install?

Once the disc is placed in the computer CD drive it autoruns displaying the various product options available, for this tool select the ELMscan 5 Compact option

Is setting up the tool easy?

 On the the drivers section there are various programmes including the OBDWiz diagnostic software, troubleshooting and quick start guides, there are also 2 sets of drivers ,one for the older Win 98, ME and 2K windows systems, and another for the XP, Vista and Windows 7 systems choose the correct drivers for your operating system, the USB drivers install quickly, then you are ready to install the OBDWiz diagnostic software,

Is it easy to install the OBDWiz software?

To install the  OBDWiz software you need to have the supplied CD placed in the CD drive, once the CD has run look for the OBDWiz install link and click it, once it has installed and you have applied the activation key (supplied on the outer cover of the CD),connect the tool to the computer and the diagnostic socket on the car, turn the ignition on but dont start the engine yet and open the OBDWiz software, click auto detect and then connect, you should see the red light get brighter and the tx/rx lights cycle from left to right, The OBDWIZ diagnostic software, which displays and clears any fault codes found in the engine ECU, also displays live streaming data from the various sensors used in monitoring the engine parameters (coolant temp, MAF, Intake Air Temp, measured RPM etc)

Our opinion:

This is a great value OBD2/EOBD diagnostic tool and with the supplied  OBDWiz diagnostic software, you dont need anything else other than a laptop/computer.

The software supplied is capable of data logging, you can take a problematic vehicle out on a test run and view the live data stored on the run in your own time,

Other elm327 kits are available from other suppliers with software but they are more expensive than this kit, also the thing that swings it for us is the three year manufacturers warranty and factory support included in all the products.

All in all a great value product.

You can buy these from the Official UK distributor  at a great price.

All Scantool products are guaranteed genuine and are supplied with full factory support

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The software is compatible with XP Vista and Windows 7